Aiming to hit the proximity mark

Nearevo is a new way of offering a ready-made beacon & NFC proximity discovery & marketing solution at a reasonable cost. It's easy to use and accessible to businesses, digital agencies, developers & marketers of all sizes.

Founded by tech entrepreneur Steve Procter, Nearevo is applying a tried and tested business startup formula that takes expensive & seemingly complex technology and provides a new, refreshing and low-cost approach for use by all.

Existing proximity solutions

To date, beacon & NFC proximity discovery & marketing services have only been available as complex & expensive consultancy-led or techie solutions.

In the UK and further afield, proximity services have been out of reach for all but the largest businesses and marketing agencies. Even with the latest beacon technology and recent availability of NFC on iPhones, the potential market has been allowed over a number of years to fester.

Proximity is next to rocket

Nearevo's founder has spotted a gap in the proximity industry. A simple and free app for iPhone and Android phone users will provide timely and locally-relevant information discovery, based on the users proximity to simple out of the box beacons or NFC tags purchased and installed by its business clients.

A fresh approach, dramatic cost-reduction and a simple self-service dashboard for businesses will allow Nearevo to open up proximity discovery for anyone.

As a successful venture technologist with 30 years IT and business experience, Nearevo's founder is set to re-awaken the beacon & NFC proximity game.

Nearevo has a winning formula

It's time for Nearevo to win.  We've done it before...

In 1999 Nearevo's founder created Easily, one of the first domain name registration companies and with the first easy to use DNS management dashboard. It created mass market appeal and slashed the going rate for domain names. Recognising an internet technology that was restricted to a handful of players, Easily was a rare dotcom era success in the UK and helped open up the $4 billion domain name market.

A few years later Steve spotted a similar market for providing low-cost SMS text marketing services to small businesses. SMS Expert took a complex technology, made the price accessible and wrapped it in a simple dashboard for use by any high street business. The approach kicked off the UK text marketing industry.

The founding team

Steve Procter
Steve Procter
Founder + Director

Steve is a successful tech entrepreneur & venture technologist and the brains behind the Nearevo business idea & concept.

Having previously worked in a number of large software consultancies and in the City, plus set up 2 other internet startups, Steve brings over 30 years IT experience to Nearevo.

Matt Foster
Matt Foster
System Architect

Matt designed, built and maintains the Nearevo service, acting as Nearevo's system architecture & security expert.

With over 20 years experience from a wide range of industry sectors, Matt's technical and business knowledge enables us to provide a secure & stable platform.

Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson
Digital Designer

Dan has been instrumental in the design of the Nearevo brand, acting as our main designer and marketing expert.

With over 7 years experience on a wide range of platforms from print to online, Dan’s knowledge enables us to provide a target driven marketing and design solution.

Joe Scott
Joe Scott
App Developer

Joe has worked on the Nearevo platform since its inception, acting as our in-house Android app & proximity specialist.

As an all-round developer who has specialised in bringing to life Android apps and other web services for many individual clients and household names, Joe brings a wealth of experience to Nearevo.

Curtis Bacon
Curtis Bacon
App Developer

Curtis has been a key player in the Nearevo team, working hard as our iOS expert to deliver and continually enhance the iPhone app.

As a mobile application developer who has specialised in iOS for a host of international clients, Curtis' breadth of knowledge and skillset provides huge technical value to Nearevo.