Tap & Discover is a free app by Nearevo for users of iOS and Android smartphones. The purpose of the app is to allow such mobile users to receive locally-relevant and timely promotional or informational messages and weblinks from our business clients when the users are in the nearby proximity of our business client's Bluetooth beacons and NFC tags (purchased from Nearevo).

As our app is enhanced over time the aim is for it to give users various methods to restrict or block certain messages and to keep the user in control. Our aim is to continually improve the app so that promotional and informational messages are always relevant and useful to our users.

Our free app requires no signup by users and we do not collect or store any identifying information about the app users.

The only information we collect is which Bluetooth beacons and NFC tags are observed or clicked by our app, together with a timestamp and basic device information such as what kind of device the app was running on.

We will use collected data in an anonymous manner and have no intention of attempting to combine it with other data in order to try and identify any individual users.

If we provide collected data about which Bluetooth beacons and NFC tags are observed or clicked to our business clients, then it will be done strictly on the basis that it is not possible for the clients to identify individual users.

We can be contacted at discover@nearevo.com.

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