Please download and read our technical documentation, API and webhook guide to help you manage and configure your beacons and NFC tags as well as receive device usage information in real-time.

We have also created 2 sample PHP scripts to get you started with using our API's and Webhooks...

If you use the popular Postman service to test API's then please import our collection which contains an example of using our API's.

The guide is written for developers and technical staff, and we also have some useful bits on our FAQ's and Support pages. We will also continually add to the guide so please re-visit from time to time. But if you can't find the answer to your questions then please contact us for further assistance.

Note that if you've only just received your devices then they will need to be activated. This can be done in the dashboard by clicking the green envelope icon next to the new devices. But you can also do it with the set-device API - really useful if you have many devices to activate!

Technical specifications

Nearevo Beacons + NFC Tags

  • Beacon

    Case: matte white ABS + adhesive sticker
    : Ø52.6 mm x 11.3 mm
    Weight: 24g

  • Protocol

    Distance Range: up to 50 metres
    Radio Protocol: low energy
    Beacon Protocols: Eddystone, iBeacon & TLM

  • Battery

    Battery Life: between 16 and 24 months
    Battery: Coin Cell CR2477 3V – 1000mAh
    Idle Current Consumption: 2.4μA

  • Certified

    Operating Temperature: -25 to +60ºC
    Storage Temperature: 0 to +35ºC
    Certifications: CE, FCC, IC, Anatel

  • Usage

    Android phones: Nearevo powered app
    iOS phones: Nearevo powered app
    Configuration: dashboard + API's + Android app

  • NFC Tag

    Material: PET coated paper sticker
    : Ø38 mm x 0.2 mm
    Weight: < 1g

  • Protocol

    Antenna Size: 30mm
    Radio Protocol: Near Field Communication
    I/O Spec: ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz

  • Reliability

    Battery: not required
    NFC Forum
    : Type 2
    Data Retention: 10 years (estimate)

  • Certified

    Operating Temperature: -25 to +50ºC
    Outdoor Use: partially water resistant
    Certifications: RoHS, CE

  • Usage

    Android phones: Nearevo powered app
    iOS (iPhone 7 onwards): Nearevo powered app
    Configuration: dashboard + API's