The Nearevo solution

A complete proximity discovery & marketing platform for businesses

  • Internet of things discovery

    Nearevo helps businesses IoT enable their real-world locations by placing small electronic devices in, on or next to any of their physical objects. People nearby can scan or tap the objects and interact digitally via their smartphones.

  • Proximity discovery

    Nearevo helps businesses get discovered by more nearby users, visitors, customers and staff. Using a Nearevo powered app, smartphone users scan or tap any IoT enabled object to view it's digital content.

  • NFC tags

    Small electronic stickers (38mm diameter) requiring no batteries. Our NFC tag devices can transmit your Discovery messages to iPhones and Android phones which are held a few cms away or tapped onto the tag.

  • Beacons

    Pocket size electronic transmitters (52mm diameter) that run on a small battery for upto 2 years. Our beacon devices broadcast your Discovery messages to iPhones and Android phones up to 50 metres away.

Build your internet of things

We help your business digitally enable your objects by supplying 2 types of internet of things device: beacons and tags.

Your beacons can be placed at a visitor attraction entrance, in a shop window, pocket or even a van or other location where they can broadcast to every phone within a 50 metre radius. They can keep going for upto 2 years on a single battery. There are no moving parts, lights or buttons so they're very robust.

Your tags can be stuck next to an exhibit, on a product or in-store shelving, or in, on or next to any other object. Their top surface is covered in plastic, making them water-resistant and hardy against multiple taps by a smartphone.

Choose our out of the box Nearevo branded beacons & tags to work alongside the free Nearevo app. Or add your own branding with our bespoke options.

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Out of the box or bespoke

The Nearevo solution includes an iPhone and Android app which allows mobile users to detect your beacons and tags with a quick scan or tap.

As well offering a choice of Nearevo, own-brand or co-brand beacons & tags, we provide you with 3 smartphone app options...

1. Out of the box: our ready-made and free Nearevo branded app

2. Bespoke & fully branded: a version of our own app with your logo and in your own colours

3. Bespoke & co-branded: combining our trademarked Tap & Discover call to action and our Powered by Nearevo logo with your own logo and colours

You may prefer to integrate our internet of things ecosystem and proximity discovery of beacons and tags into your own apps. With Nearevo's bespoke services, let us build a tailored SDK and API's to suit. Our technical team are standing by to assist your developers, so get in touch today.

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Getting started is easy

Our solution provides access to an easy to use cloud dashboard. Login from any browser whenever you wish to configure your Nearevo or own-brand Beacons and Tags.

When you first login all your internet of things devices will already be listed. Simply edit which message, image and web page is to be displayed in the free Nearevo app or your bespoke Nearevo powered app when somebody receives your Beacon notifications or taps your Tags. Making changes is easy and takes seconds. Do it as often as you like.

Our Dashboard also gives you statistics on how many times people have interacted with your Nearevo or own-brand internet of things devices via their smartphones.

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Create exclusive discovery pages

Simply point your Beacon & Tag devices at any existing page on your website and you're all done. Or why not create additional unique Discovery Pages on your site just for your internet of things devices.

Maybe you need "learn more about this exhibit" pages in your museum. Or a "10% off" promotion for your concert. Perhaps your restaurant needs a "how was your meal" feedback form. Or your store needs "more info" cards next to each item.

Create additional Discovery Pages on your website and add maps, sound & video clips, forms, contact details and more. Point your Beacons and Tags at them and make discovery an experience for your visitors, customers and other users.

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Even fine-tuning is simple

Download our Android Tune app from the Google Play Store to calibrate your beacons. It's very easy to control the beacon signal power with a simple slider. This defines the radius (from 1 to 50 metres) in which iPhones & Android phones with a Nearevo powered app will receive your Beacon message.

For example, you may only wish people stood next to an exhibition stand to receive a description. Or you might want everyone inside your music venue to receive a programme link. Change the range in seconds, as often as you like.

Calibration also allows you to manage a fleet of Beacon devices, pushing different messages as people move around your venue or store.

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PoS materials, window stickers,...

If a user has a Nearevo powered app set to auto-scan then nearby Beacons will be discovered automatically. But some users prefer to just scan when they spot they're in a Discovery Zone and want to learn more about the things around them.

We can provide you with Nearevo or branded window stickers & other printed labels. Place these near your Beacons to indicate the area is a Discovery Zone.

Our NFC Tags also show your brand or the Nearevo Tap & Discover call-to-action. Placing these in easy to reach places will make tapping simple for your visitors.

Please get in touch if you require bespoke or co-branded PoS materials & Tags.

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App SDK, webhook & API's

There are huge possibilities for integrating proximity devices into other web, tech and marketing solutions. The Nearevo solution can help you achieve this.

Nearevo has eased the pains in configuring Beacon and Tag devices and managing them in the cloud. Our in-house infrastructure provides a complete internet of things ecosystem, letting you focus on your own higher level services.

We provide API's for you to configure & manage your Nearevo or branded Beacon and Tag devices. We also push device event data to your server webhooks in real-time.

We supply a ready-made Nearevo branded Discovery app for iPhones and Android phones. Or we can add your branding, giving you your own Discovery app which is fully managed by us. Alternatively you may wish to integrate our proximity ecosystem and the discovery of internet of things devices into your own existing app. Our team can assist with this and build an SDK to suit, as well as work alongside your developers to advise and support their integration.

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Technical specifications

Nearevo Beacons + NFC Tags

  • Beacon

    Case: matte white ABS + adhesive sticker
    : Ø52.6 mm x 11.3 mm
    Weight: 24g

  • Protocol

    Distance Range: up to 50 metres
    Radio Protocol: low energy
    Beacon Protocols: Eddystone, iBeacon & TLM

  • Battery

    Battery Life: between 16 and 24 months
    Battery: Coin Cell CR2477 3V – 1000mAh
    Idle Current Consumption: 2.4μA

  • Certified

    Operating Temperature: -25 to +60ºC
    Storage Temperature: 0 to +35ºC
    Certifications: CE, FCC, IC, Anatel

  • Usage

    Android phones: Nearevo powered app
    iOS phones: Nearevo powered app
    Configuration: dashboard + API's + Android app

  • NFC Tag

    Material: PET coated paper sticker
    : Ø38 mm x 0.2 mm
    Weight: < 1g

  • Protocol

    Antenna Size: 30mm
    Radio Protocol: Near Field Communication
    I/O Spec: ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz

  • Reliability

    Battery: not required
    NFC Forum
    : Type 2
    Data Retention: 10 years (estimate)

  • Certified

    Operating Temperature: -25 to +50ºC
    Outdoor Use: partially water resistant
    Certifications: RoHS, CE

  • Usage

    Android phones: Nearevo powered app
    iOS (iPhone 7 onwards): Nearevo powered app
    Configuration: dashboard + API's