Please find some of the questions we're most frequently asked about Nearevo and proximity marketing & discovery. We will try to give detailed and understandable answers, but please contact us if you want to ask anything further.

How do phones receive messages from Nearevo beacons?

iPhone and Android phone users who wish to receive timely and locally-relevant information can download our free Nearevo app. The app scans for nearby Nearevo beacons owned by our business clients, who could be bars, museums, stadiums, cafes, art galleries, etc. The scanning is either done constantly in the background (taking a lot less battery power than you'd think!), or just when the user chooses to do so.

If the app detects a beacon it connects to our cloud servers to gather information about the beacon. It then displays the information (usually a short message, thumbnail image and a website link) within the app for the user to read. If the app has been running in the background it may also popup a standard notification to alert the user, depending on the users settings.

As we build additional features, users will be able to block certain beacon messages, add them to the favourites and forward them to friends via email or social media. We have plans for some great new features to keep the app and all the messages relevant to our app users.

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