Please find some of the questions we're most frequently asked about Nearevo and proximity discovery & marketing. The team will continually add to these FAQ's so please re-visit from time to time.

We've tried to include relevant information for business owners, staff and marketers as well as technical information for developers. We also have some useful bits on our API & Tech Docs and Support pages. But if you can't find the answer to your questions then please contact us for further assistance.

How do smartphones receive Nearevo messages?

iPhone and Android phone users can download our free Nearevo app or another Nearevo powered app. The apps scan for nearby Nearevo beacons which is either done constantly in the background (taking a lot less battery power than you'd think!), or just when the user chooses to do so. The apps also allow users to tap their phone against a Nearevo NFC tag.

When the apps detects a beacon or tag they connect to our cloud servers to gather relevant information. They then display the information (usually a short message, thumbnail image and a website link) within the apps for the user to read. If the apps have been running in the background they may also popup a standard notification to alert the user, depending on the users settings.

Users can also block certain beacon or tag messages, add them to their favourites and forward them to friends via other email and social media apps. We have plans for some great new features to keep the apps and all the messages relevant to our app users.

Does Nearevo support iPhone and Android phones?

Do app users need to enable anything on their mobile?

Will users get bombarded with loads of messages?

Is this part of Google's Nearby app?

How is user privacy and GDPR supported?

How robust is the Nearevo infrastructure?

Can I integrate with Nearevo via API's and Webhooks?

How do people know they are near a Nearevo beacon?

How big is the beacon market?

What percentage of smartphones have NFC?

Technical specifications

Nearevo Beacons + NFC Tags

  • Beacon

    Case: matte white ABS + adhesive sticker
    : Ø52.6 mm x 11.3 mm
    Weight: 24g

  • Protocol

    Distance Range: up to 50 metres
    Radio Protocol: low energy
    Beacon Protocols: Eddystone, iBeacon & TLM

  • Battery

    Battery Life: between 16 and 24 months
    Battery: Coin Cell CR2477 3V – 1000mAh
    Idle Current Consumption: 2.4μA

  • Certified

    Operating Temperature: -25 to +60ºC
    Storage Temperature: 0 to +35ºC
    Certifications: CE, FCC, IC, Anatel

  • Usage

    Android phones: Nearevo powered app
    iOS phones: Nearevo powered app
    Configuration: dashboard + API's + Android app

  • NFC Tag

    Material: PET coated paper sticker
    : Ø38 mm x 0.2 mm
    Weight: < 1g

  • Protocol

    Antenna Size: 30mm
    Radio Protocol: Near Field Communication
    I/O Spec: ISO 14443A / 13.56 MHz

  • Reliability

    Battery: not required
    NFC Forum
    : Type 2
    Data Retention: 10 years (estimate)

  • Certified

    Operating Temperature: -25 to +50ºC
    Outdoor Use: partially water resistant
    Certifications: RoHS, CE

  • Usage

    Android phones: Nearevo powered app
    iOS (iPhone 7 onwards): Nearevo powered app
    Configuration: dashboard + API's