Referral partners

Earn a fantastic ongoing commission by promoting Nearevo to everyone around you. Clients pay regular fees so your revenue could be recurring each month or year.

If you have an existing client base or access to a market that could benefit from proximity discovery & marketing then refer them to us. We will take care of all the hard work in managing their proximity solution. Get in touch for your free affiliate account, unique Nearevo web link & selection of banner ads. Start earning today.

Reseller + wholesale partners

Discounts and wholesale prices available for all large or regular volume clients. And why not add value and a new revenue stream by integrating & reselling Nearevo proximity services alongside your existing solutions.

As a traditional or digital agency, software developer, solution consultancy or any other kind of value-added reseller, proximity discovery & marketing is a powerful new tool for you to offer. One that is increasingly sought after by businesses.

Digital agencies

As an agency, whether digital or more traditional, you will be familiar with working alongside other partners who can add value to your arsenal.

Proximity discovery & marketing has been around for a while but is only now becoming accessible to businesses and agencies of all sizes and budgets. We believe it is ready for large scale appeal, so why not partner us and benefit too.

Software developers

The huge possibilities for integrating Beacon & NFC tag proximity into web and other tech & marketing solutions is only just being realised. The advent of internet of things devices and how these may be integrated has massive potential.

Nearevo has taken away the bulk of the pains in configuring Beacons & Tags, helping you manage them in the cloud using our API's and webhooks. As fellow techies, we're keen to work alongside and help discover how you can benefit from our proximity discovery ecosystem.