What is Nearevo and proximity?

Use bluetooth beacons to deliver useful and locally-relevant information to nearby smartphones

  • Proximity Marketing

    Using low-cost location hardware technology to deliver locally-relevant deals and offers to iPhones and Android phones in the nearby vicinity

    Proximity hardware can be easily configured to deliver messages to all mobiles up to 50 metres away

  • Proximity Discovery

    Using low-cost location hardware technology to deliver locally-relevant useful information to iPhones and Android phones in the nearby vicinity

    Proximity hardware can be easily configured to deliver messages to just mobiles found within a few metres

  • Bluetooth Beacon

    Pocket size, battery powered hardware transmitter, broadcasting bluetooth low energy (BLE) messages to nearby iPhones and Android phones, requesting them to display useful information or advertisements

  • Nearevo

    An exciting UK based marketing-tech business that uses bluetooth beacons to provide a low cost proximity marketing & discovery solution, which is affordable and very easy to use by marketers and businesses of all sizes

Your own bluetooth beacon

Our bluetooth low energy (BLE) beacons are small & light plastic discs 5cms across. They easily fit in a pocket or handbag, or can be stuck to your shop window or the dashboard in your van. BLE is the core technology inside, meaning they can keep going for upto 2 years on a single battery. There are no moving parts, lights or buttons so they're very robust.

Nearevo beacons transmit messages in 2 formats: Eddystone lets Android smartphones receive your message, and iBeacon is picked up by iPhones. All they need is our free Nearevo app. Learn more on our FAQ's page.

Getting started is easy

Access our cloud dashboard from any browser. When you first login all your beacons will already be listed. Simply edit which message, icon and website is to be displayed when somebody is in-range of a beacon and receives your notification on their phone. Making changes is easy, do it as often as you like.

Update our system with the location of your beacons and whether they are in a fixed position or portable, i.e. in a shop window, your pocket or a van dashboard.

Our Dashboard also gives you statistics on how many times people have received your message or clicked through to your landing page or website from their phones. Learn more on our FAQ's page.

Create a quick landing page

If you have an existing website or app then simply point your beacons at it and you're ready to go. Alternatively you can create a specific page just for your beacons. Our landing page builder is perfect for this and easy to use.

Whether it's a "10% off" promo page for your cafe, a "come and chat" personal contact page if you're at a conference event, or a simple "contact form" for people who get your beacon notifications and want to get in touch for a quote.

The builder lets you create your own professional landing pages in minutes. Tweak colours, upload images, add a contact form and web, phone & email links. Learn more on our FAQ's page.

Even fine-tuning is simple

Download our Android Tune app from the Google Play Store to calibrate your beacons. It sounds complex but you simply tweak a few settings to control the bluetooth signal power. This defines the range, from 1 to 50 metres, in which phones will receive your message.

For example, you may only wish people stood next to your exhibition stand to receive your web link. Or you might want everyone nearby your cafe to receive a promotional link. The range can be changed in seconds, as often as you like.

Calibration also allows you to manage a fleet of beacons, pushing different messages as people move around your venue or store. Learn more on our FAQ's page.

PoS materials, window stickers,...

Our vision is to have millions of people using the free Nearevo app on their smartphone. Wherever they go they'll see a Nearevo window sticker or other printed labels indicating that the area is a Nearevo Discovery Zone.

If the app is set to auto-scan then useful info will appear automatically within the app. But some users prefer to just scan when they spot they're in a Discovery Zone and want to find out more about the things around them.

We provide you with a window sticker and a couple of other labels. But contact us if you need more or if you want to create your own and embed the Nearevo and Discovery Zone logos. Learn more on our FAQ's page.

API integration + iOS/Android SDK

There are huge possibilities for integrating bluetooth proximity into iOS & Android apps as well as other web, tech and marketing solutions.

Nearevo has taken away the bulk of the pains in configuring beacons and managing them in the cloud. Our in-house infrastructure provides a complete beacon ecosystem, letting you focus on your own higher level solution.

We are keen to work alongside you and provide API's as required to integrate with our beacon ecosystem. If you wish to add beacon scanning to your own iOS & Android apps we can also open up our SDK's. Learn more on our FAQ's page.