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Nearevo Beacons


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* Requires Starter or Managed Platform to operate
  Beacon price is one-off, not annual
  Postage and packaging cost will be added


Technical specifications

Nearevo Beacons

  • Beacon

    Case: matte white ABS + adhesive sticker
    : Ø52.6 mm x 11.3 mm
    Weight: 24g

  • Protocol

    Distance Range: up to 50 metres
    Radio Protocol: low energy
    Beacon Protocols: Eddystone, iBeacon & TLM

  • Battery

    Battery Life: between 16 and 24 months
    Battery: Coin Cell CR2477 3V – 1000mAh
    Idle Current Consumption: 2.4μA

  • Certified

    Operating Temperature: -25 to +60ºC
    Storage Temperature: 0 to +35ºC
    Certifications: CE, FCC, IC, Anatel

  • Usage

    Android phones: Nearevo powered app
    iOS phones: Nearevo powered app
    Configuration: dashboard + API's + Android app